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Adoption is the best option for bringing home a new pet this holiday.

Very few things in life can compare to the unconditional love and companionship given by our animal friends, especially when those friends have been given a second chance through adoption. iAdopt for the Holidays is a national campaign focused on positive, real-life pet adoption stories as a means to encourage others to adopt and experience a similar happy ending.


Animals adopted this holiday season
Cat and dog

Why adopt?

There are so many reasons to choose adoption when bringing a new pet into your family. Here are just a few:
  • You’ll be changing a life
  • You’ll be taking home a healthy pet
  • You’ll be saving money
  • You’ll feel good about making a compassionate choice
  • You won’t be supporting irresponsible pet breeders
  • You’ll be giving a deserving pet a second chance

Adoption tips

If you’re considering adopting an animal, or have already adopted a pet, browse these adoption tip sheets for information about everything from choosing the right companion to teaching your pet (in a positive way!) the behaviours you’d like to see more – or less often. Careful consideration before adopting, including research and planning, plus plenty of love, patience and a sense of humor, will foster a strong and loving relationship that will make you friends for life!

Dog Tips


Cat Tips


Small Animal Tips


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Top 5 items to donate this holiday season

Can’t adopt this holiday season? Help an animal in need by donating much needed supplies to a shelter in your area.

1. Pet food/treats for dogs, cats and small pets

2. Cat Litter

3. Pet Toys

4. Gift Cards (to help buy cleaning and pet supplies)

5. Collars/Leashes


Canada’s Cutest Rescue Pet Contest sponsored by PetSmart!

The contest is now closed. Please have a look through the gallery to view some heart warming photos of rescue pets enjoying their homes.